About the Creator

Taylar Enlow is a Black creator based in and native to the city of Philadelphia. As a junior at Temple University, she is pursuing a major in Global Studies, with a concentration in Global Cultures, with a focus on Africana cultures.

Enlow’s work is heavily influenced by her studies, focusing primarily on the Black experience and featuring themes such as Black womanhood, ancestral reverence, and the history and experiences of African people.

Her work as a young entrepreneur navigating in and out of the mediums of poetry, photography and visual storytelling, and community organization reflects the African centered values of collectivism, self determination, and honoring tradition.

For her, the act of creating is a bodily function, as natural as breathing or bleeding. Art is the instrument of change, which facilitates the transformation of stagnancy to movement, pain to beauty, and suffering to resilience.

More than anything, Enlow believes in the power and significance of community. That belief is the primary influence of all her works and endeavors.